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"original stories from brilliant young minds currently told for current times. Well written and creatively expressed."

SHIFT: Selected Work


Created by Extended Space Theatre (2022)

“Who am I, and what do I want?”

Riley, Charlie, Alex, and Aaron have 7 days before they graduate college and begin the next stage of their lives.

Extended Space Theatre presents SHIFT, a queer coming of age story celebrating moving, friendship, and sexuality.

An intimate, strange, and heartfelt patchwork of moments that compel us to examine the joy and fear of the unknown.


This show was developed with the support of Intrepid Theatre through
the OUTstages Residency Program.
Danica Charlie - Riley
Ella Daly - Alex
Emily Duke - Charlie
Sammy Forest - Aaron
Grace Carmichael - Show Caller
Sarah Murphy - Script Doctor
Andrew Barrett - Script Doctor
Britt Small - Facilitator
Barbara Poggemiller - Facilitator
R.J. Peters - Set Design
Pedro Siqueira - Trailer Editor
Alyssa Hanke - Promotional Photography

SHIFT: About
SHIFT: Pro Gallery
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