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“a powerful play exploring a potentially dangerous imaginative relationship. The work was innovative, playful, moving and well realized.”

Dreaming Revenge: Selected Work

Dreaming Revenge

Created by Ioana Pitic and Ella Daly

“Do you ever let your mind wander at your desk? My personal intrusive thought is counting friendship points. Everyone has a friend. Unless you’re a horrible human being that nobody wants to associate with...."

Dreaming Revenge is a journey inside a troubled character’s mind. Bea thinks that Anna, her life long best friend, has betrayed her for the small price of a job. 

This office story explores the intricacies of female workplace relationships. What does it mean to be a successful ambitious woman and deal with the competitive nature of female friendships? The workplace is where violence and femininity meet - this show is not about women being pretty.

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