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Created, directed and performed by Ella Daly and Ioana Pitic. Developed in collaboration with Helene Angell, Marla Chanté Norbrooke (Outside Eyes), and Hannah Clancy (Lighting Design)

You have a friend, and you carve a piece out of yourself and give it to them. You carve a piece out of yourself to make room for them.

A dark comedy exploring where betrayal, dreams, friendship, and revenge meet.

The movie in my mind is fast forwarding-

I don't know what you want me to say



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Created by Helene Angell, Marla Chanté Norbrooke, and Ella Daly. Developed in collaboration with YY Yong, (Outside Eye), Emma Gasson, and Marc Heimendinger (Lighting Design)

You know, if you put a frog into boiling water, it'll jump out immediately; but if you put a frog in room temperature water, and heat it up, the frog will stay until it dies...

Mmmyeah is an intertextual, verbatim piece exploring how women interact with each other online. Mmmyeah examines loneliness, radicalization, and internet forums where strong opinions can be posted and shared by those who walk among us with protective anonymity 

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